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Each e-therapy book was written from my many years of experience as a psychotherapist.

My E-THERAPY BOOK TOOL KIT, are e-books (listed below) that have been created with wisdom learned from 34 years as a psychotherapist. These are the ultimate meat and potatoes self-help books designed in a short format style with concepts that can immediately be put into practice especially made for today's busy life.

 I have worked with individuals (over age 18), couples and relationship counseling.  My specialties include relationship issues, understanding the opposite sex, stress management, depression, anxiety, adjustment to life situations, living with chronic illness, grief and loss, family of origin, personal growth, women and men's issues as well as any difficulties resulting in emotional distress.  

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E-Therapy Book Tool Kit,

E-Book Series:


1. Recovering from the Slavery of People Pleasing (Assertiveness Skills for Self-Care)

2. Growing Up Emotionally (Banishing the Inner Critic)

3. Setting Boundaries (Being able to say 'no' is healthy and not selfish)

4. Depression Aid Kit (Finding joy, energy and hope)

5. Fearing the Worst (Help for anxiety, worry and panic attacks)

6. Surviving and Recovering from Loss      

7. Simply Listening (Relationship Connection Tools)

8. Recognizing and Changing a Self-Pity Pattern

9. Surviving Pet Loss (A Guide for Individuals and Families)

10. Ego Dictation (How our Self Talk can Sabotage our Peace of Mind)

11. Recognizing & Healing Emotional Abandonment (Repeated    Relationship Problems are often the Result of Unknowingly Living out Fears of Abandonment) e-books are designed with a compassionate approach in learning to love and accept ourselves and others.