Jean Kavanaugh, M.A., Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Compassionate Professional Help Since 1983

About Me

I have been working with individuals and couples for the past 25 years in various settings.  I received a Master's degree in Counseling in 1983 from Antioch University West. I attended graduate programs at Seattle University and received additional training at the Montlake Institute in Seattle plus being involved in ongoing continuing education. 

My experience includes mental health clinics, hospitals, hospice, a jail, geriatric outreach sites, youth and family agencies and  private practice for the past sixteen years.  

I have also had training as a Hospital Chaplain, and in Pastoral Ministry.  My Christian faith is deeply connected with who I am and determines my values and decisions.

I am married and I am a twin.  My interests include my spirituality, family, friends and pets, designing  newsletters, writing and traveling.  My husband is Irish and interested in his genealogy. approach is specifically designed and adapted to meet the needs of each client.

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